Introducing the Flagg Mic from Flagg Audio. It's a boutique specialty microphone built from a vandal-proof payphone receiver for use on stage and in studio. The Flagg Mic gives you that authentic lo-fi, vintage, distorted, narrowband, old-radio tone you hear in all genres of contemporary music today while sidestepping the headaches of feedback and bleed generally associated with such an effect. From eccentric indie to pop sensibility your Flagg Mic adds character and dynamics that will keep your audience's attention. If you're looking to stand out on stage or impress your studio's clientele you'll love having the Flagg Mic in your arsenal.
• Transmits from both ends.
• Built from a vandal-proof payphone handset
• Rejects feedback & off-axis sound
• Heavy-duty Neutrik XLR plug with gold pins
• Shock-resistant, flame-retardant casing
• Pierce-proof dynamic mic elements
• Silver bearing solder
• Able to handle extreme SPLs
• Crushproof armored cable
• Logo by Camcode
• No phantom power needed
• Fits standard mic clip (side saddle)
• Hand wired
• Comes in three colors
(You lick it you bought it)
We generally ship in 3-5 business day. International customers: Please see the FAQ.
Are Flagg Mics made from used materials?
A: No. Flagg Mics are made from 100% new materials.

Do Flagg Mics work well on other instruments?
A: Yes. While these are made specifically for vocals, they also do wonders for wind instruments, guitar cabs, and percussion.

Can Flagg Mics perform in high volume settings?
A: Yes. Flagg Mics will outperform even hypercardioid mics in terms of feedback rejection. They're also extremely cutting in a dense mix.

How do Flagg Mics fit on a mic stand?
A: Flagg Mics can snap sideways into a Shure-style mic clip.

Can Flagg Mics pair with other Vocal FX?
A: Yes. Flagg Mics tend to pair better with FX than other traditional mics due to their inherent feedback reduction.

What types of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Credit/Debit through Paypal. This keeps both sides of the transaction safe and secure.

How are domestic orders shipped?
Domestic shipping is done Priority through USPS for $10. A USPS tracking number will be given after your order is shipped.

Will you ship to outside the US?
A: Yes. International shipping is done through the USPS for a flat cost of $20. International shipping only offers limted tracking from the customs number. If you need further tracking or insurance please contact us for a custom shipping quote. Please be aware that international shipping takes upwards of 14 days on our side and that your country's system can often add more time onto that as well. If there's anything unique about your country's postal system please let me know ahead of time.

Are you serious about the logo labels being able to stand acid or is that a joke?
A: We're serious. Here's a link to the data sheet.

Do Flagg Mics come with a warranty?
A: Yes. Up to one year after your purchase we will fix or replace your Flagg Mic if it stops working due to manufacturer defects. Like most mic dealers, we can't accept returns on used mics. It's a hygiene/legal issue.
Tenor Sax: SM58 / Flagg
Alto Sax: SM58 / Flagg
Horn: SM58 / Flagg
Horn (muted): SM58 / Flagg
Piano: SM58 / Flagg
Snare Drum: SM58 / Flagg
Drill: SM58 / Flagg
Male Voice: 87beta / Flagg
Female Voice: 87beta / Flagg
"Train Stomp"
"Stamp Collector"
"You Ask Too Many Questions, Lady"
"Ridiculous Panniculus"
Samples below use the Flagg Mic on Vocals
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